Wednesday, August 25, 2010

All in one grill packets

I love making all in one meals on the grill--meat, potato and veggies.  The real challenge is getting them done all at the same time.  This recipe, shared by my cousin Penny (of Penny Photo) takes care of the meat and potatoes all in one easy-to-clean-up-after packet. 

Grilled Taco Burger and Potato Packs
(links to Betty Crocker website)

1               lb lean (at least 80%) ground beef
1/2         cup Progresso® plain bread crumbs
2              tablespoons Old El Paso® taco seasoning mix (from 1 oz package)
1/4         cup milk
3              cups frozen southern-style diced hash-brown potatoes (from 32-oz bag)
1              cup Old El Paso® Cheese 'n Salsa dip

   1. Heat gas or charcoal grill. In medium bowl, mix ground beef, bread crumbs, taco seasoning mix and milk until well blended. Shape mixture into 4 (4-inch) patties. In another medium bowl, mix frozen potatoes and dip.
   2. Cut 4 (18x12-inch) sheets of heavy-duty foil. Place 1 patty on each; top with 1/4 of potato mixture. Wrap each packet securely using double-fold seals, allowing room for heat expansion.
   3. When grill is heated, place packets, seam side up, on grill over medium heat; cover grill. Cook 15 to 25 minutes, rearranging packets several times, until patties are thoroughly cooked.

Makes 4 servings

As usual, I improvised because I didn't have the exact ingredients (I am beginning to think it quite impossible for me to follow a recipe to the letter).  I subbed elk for the ground beef (the last pack! hope there will be more come November), mayo for the milk in the patties, and a hunk of Velveeta plus a couple tablespoons salsa for the cheese dip.

I was really happy with these, although I did burn the bottoms a little bit (grill too hot).  I'm not a ground meat fan but this disguised it really well and I was happy to eat the leftovers today for lunch.

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